Mrs. Pramila Mondal B32/F1 Building, Malbazar, West Bengal

This was miracle of my life, I lost all hope to become mother, but I came to know about Family clinic and Dr. Kavita Mantry from Daily Newspaper (Uttar Bangha Sambad), I went to Family Clinic with all last hope. After I meet Madam Mantry really I feel so happy and her friendly behaviour attracts me a lots. I started treatment there with a believe and hope.

Mrs. Babita Paul Goalpara, Lakhipur, Assam

With a very bad obstetric history (BOH) seventh gravida living issue nil. Delivered a healthy male child on 2nd Dec 2016. They were married for 7 years resident of Lakhipur, Goalpara Assam.

Mrs. Farhane Khatoon Kisangunj, Bihar

Myself Mr. Badruddin [38 yrs] and my spouse Ms. Farhane Khatoon [32yrs] have been married since 14 years and planning to have kids all these years.  We were highly depressed and seemed as if darkness is spread in our lives. We found Family clinic and we really thanks to Madam Mantry for making the impossible dream come true for us.


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IVF Overview

The Family Clinic has set itself apart as one of the state level leaders in IVF and egg donation success rates. IVF can be used as an effective treatment for infertility of all causes except for women with infertility caused by an anatomic problem with the uterus, such as severe intrauterine adhesions.

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IVF Procedures

The IVF process involves: Stimulating multiple follicles and eggs to develop, Egg retrieval to get the eggs, Fertilizing the eggs in the laboratory, Embryo transfer to the uterus

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IVF Cost

The standard IVF cost arrangement across the country is by single cycle. However, we offer single cycle IVF as well as multiple cycle plans - with or without a money back guarantee. You choose what best fits your circumstances.

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